Sunday, April 30, 2006

APE was a blast

Finally have time to breath after April madness, first the Alternative Press Expo then the Boomerang show at HeeBeJeeBe in Petaluma, I've been working non stop and am really beat! Finally I am updating to show the new pictures and my new vigor for art life.

We did great at APE and sold out my little pre-book book. I will be working with some on demand printers this summer to get a nicer version done with a nice sized collection of my work. Please email me if you want one.

I got some new contacts, we sold some prints and I've decided to do limited ed prints from my website, they seem popular. I got some great comics from other folks, we had fun with the Short Pants Press's Sara (really great titles and beautifully done comics).
  • Short Pants Press Comics

  • Enjoyed in particular Joe Sayer's "Your new Religion 1" and 2. Laughed and Laughed.
  • J.Sayers Comics

  • Hung around with Jamie of Nerve Bomb Comics and Rhodie of "Pablo's Inferno" fame, who has a sweet new children's book, "Cloud Boy". More APE Comics reviews later.

  • Nerve Bomb Comics

  • Rhode Montijo