Sunday, April 15, 2007

update on daily paintings

How bout that! Just as I commit to a daily painting, I get a whole bunch of freelance work! But, never fear, the insane commitment isn't going completly by the wayside. I have completed about four drawings and readyed them on the wood blocks, so I can catch up with the painting part on the freetime I have. So stay tooned. Tomorrow sometime when I get a sec I'll post the drawings, and maybe I can still hit my mark of 100 in 100 just there will be some days I don't get one finished. I want to stay working so I'm going to try it and see how it goes.

Monday, April 09, 2007

100 in 100 for 100

Ok, so here is this insane challenge I've just given myself. I, miss sluggo who's turning into more like Slug-go-go-go am going to start doing small 8"x8" paintings on blocks of artboard, one per day, for 100 days. Each small original work will be priced at the insanely low price of $100.00! I don't know where I will try to market these things yet, but if they don't kill me they will make me stronger. And keep me painting a couple hours a day. Seeing as I'm not in "Proper work" right now, it's something to do. Aside from the 4 art shows a month, running a website shop, a blog, searching for freelance work, keeping house, etc etc. I will post the results here for all to see, along with my agony of creation. Wish me luck. I will start this insane project: tomorrow.
Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Guinea Pig Tote and T's

Alright! I've got a new Guinea Pig Tote bag and T shirt up at Cafe Press-Fishchild, I wish they weren't so pricy, but untill I earn some operating cash for the Studio, I can't yet afford to do it up t-shirt style with a nice print run or silk screen, so that's to come. For now, contribute to The Girl's upkeep, help me keep them in Hay! More GP pics to tug at your heartstrings. Also, see my comment posted on the Gloria's vet visit post for the follow up to that little adventure.

This week - Fun, Music, and shopping!

Hey everyone! This is going to be a big week for me here at Fishchild Studio! I'm working as an easel artist at the Sausalito Artwalk, on Wednesday night, April 11 from 5:30 to 8:30pm. Follow the link for a map. I will be with a group of artists on the sidwalk at 1001 Bridgeway, painting away, in front of Top Paws that will have some dog and cat pictures by me at it. there will be a musician of some sort there too, so it'll be like a party!
This is my "Open Air" open studio, as I'll have some good stuff from my studio that has to get cleaned out to make room for new. This will include two large banners from the Beach Boardwalk" sets that I did last year for a show last year. Please come on out and see what I'll be working on, see how embarrassed I can get as I paint in front of people, and see my pet portraits at the pet store.

Also, on Saturday, April 14th, it's clubbing and art shopping at the Ultra-hip venue "Space Gallery-Bar" in the Loin, real near Fishchild Studio itself. I'm a vendor there and will be selling my teeny but neato art prints in frames, some art jewelry, and some orignal panels I'm craning out right now.

This section of Polk street used to be hustler heaven, but all the riffraff has been infiltrated by a combo of super-bar-fly nightlifers (Lush Lounge)(R-Bar), cutting edge art scene folks (new to neighbourhood soon- (Strangeco), and Saturday night band-bar gig goers (Hemlock), hot yoga "">Funky Door) along with some great thrift store shopping - (Salvation Army shop) and Out of the closet at Polk and California.
This hood is a bit different than it used to be, when the Hemlock was the "Girraffe" where my old freind M. used to be a fag hag with the real alcholoics, and the Locker Room (Gay adult videos) and Front Lyne (more gay adult videos) were the center of the scene. Still, the hood retains its seedy hustler petina and flavor despite the hip crowd, you can still buy crack and use it on the street with narry an eye batted.

It's a great place to spend a Sat night, but if your more the sofisticated type, head out Wendesday to the Sausalito thing, much more refined.
Hope to see you at one of these fab events. Anything you buy will help me pay my rent which is overdue!! Yea!