Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fishchild Studio's 2008

My hiatus is coming to an end, and I'm currently in the process of re-inventing Fishchild Studios.
I've opened a Southern California location, at my family home in the San Gabriel Valley, so some great new artworks will be coming out of beautiful Alhambra!
A joint venture with my sister hopefully will produce some neato art objects!

Currently you can see a preliminary of my Pidgeon Blues book on Ink Tart an online women's comics journal. More in the Pigeon vein is coming up in the March City Art show in San Francisco - Pigeons: explorations in worldly suffering, as well as some reflections on grieving. Not the usual springtime fluffiness, but oh well that's life.

Also, I've finally completed the Swan illustrations for International SWAN day (Support Women Artitists NOW) which will be launching as products on Monday this week, will blog it tomorrow.

During the fall I also completed some illustrations for personal trainer Heather Robinson, at

So even though I've been out of commission, I've still been doing commissions! More coming soon.