Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bayart News

Stacy Alexander has put up a profile on my artwork at her LiveJournal, Bayart-news. Visit her journal and sign up if you would like to post comments, or if you know an artist she might like to profile.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

No more couch potato

Me? Running? Can't belive this myself, but this day Jan 22, I got up at 6:30 and went running (run/walking) with the Running 101 group of San Francisco Road Runners Club. Thanks to friend Vincent, or I never would've followed through with that threat. Now looks like I am locked into getting into shape. Hummpf. Maybe it will be fun.

Happy New Year!

Hi, happy new year! January is nearly done and I have been hibernating.
Visited Petaluma this weekend to see Boomerang Gallery in it's new space at Heebeejebe, a wonderful shop full of fun stuff, including a chandelier made of spoons and fish, and a volcanic tiki mountain made of candy. Their opening soon so stop on in there. The show next month is a nice change from all the erotic shows in SF, "Paranormal Paramours" An exhibition exploring the art of mystical romantic persuasion. The opening in the small gallery is on Feb 11th with a party to open the store.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Laura Veirs - This song is awsome

I heard this song on NPR on Harry Sherer's show, and didn't write down the artists name, though I meant to because it was hypnotizing and really good, then Wednesday heard it playing at the MOMA book store on a mix CD, wanted to ask the girls behind the counter, Who IS THAT??? because by now I need to get that song. I googled some of the lyrics when I got home and found it, it's "Galaxies" [Hear the song here] - [] by Laura Veirs with band the Tourtured Souls on her album "Year of Meteors". I bought it so will review the whole album when it gets here. Turns out on giving her other stuff a listen from her website, that another really good one is "Ether Sings' off her other album, :Carbon Glacier".