Friday, January 06, 2006

Laura Veirs - This song is awsome

I heard this song on NPR on Harry Sherer's show, and didn't write down the artists name, though I meant to because it was hypnotizing and really good, then Wednesday heard it playing at the MOMA book store on a mix CD, wanted to ask the girls behind the counter, Who IS THAT??? because by now I need to get that song. I googled some of the lyrics when I got home and found it, it's "Galaxies" [Hear the song here] - [] by Laura Veirs with band the Tourtured Souls on her album "Year of Meteors". I bought it so will review the whole album when it gets here. Turns out on giving her other stuff a listen from her website, that another really good one is "Ether Sings' off her other album, :Carbon Glacier".

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white-slug said...

Ok, update, I got both the albums off Amazon, and Carbon Glaciers is Really Really good. The other one, Year of Meteor's took a bit longer to grow on me, but after a few listens, is also really good. Very enjoyable.