Monday, April 09, 2007

100 in 100 for 100

Ok, so here is this insane challenge I've just given myself. I, miss sluggo who's turning into more like Slug-go-go-go am going to start doing small 8"x8" paintings on blocks of artboard, one per day, for 100 days. Each small original work will be priced at the insanely low price of $100.00! I don't know where I will try to market these things yet, but if they don't kill me they will make me stronger. And keep me painting a couple hours a day. Seeing as I'm not in "Proper work" right now, it's something to do. Aside from the 4 art shows a month, running a website shop, a blog, searching for freelance work, keeping house, etc etc. I will post the results here for all to see, along with my agony of creation. Wish me luck. I will start this insane project: tomorrow.
Happy Easter everyone!

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