Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gloria went to the vet today

I discovered some lumps on Gloria's belly, so I took her to the vet today. I took Roxie too for a check up. So far the doc says it may just be fatty deposits, cause Gloria is overweight. Or, it could be something worse. They aspirated the lump with a needle and are sending out to the lab to review it. Hoping for the best, cause the lab test and doc visit set me back a bit funds-wise, so no telling if there is something wrong if I'll be able to afford to treat it. Keep some good "thoughts" or "vibes" or "prayers" for Gloria. Any ideas on how these guinea pigs can earn their keep around here? I am thinking of doing a Guinea Pig T shirt that I'll put up on Cafe Press - any other ideas? How can Guinea pigs make a buck these days?

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white-slug said...

Upadate on Gloria's lumps. Consultation with the vet and an estimate for "Lumpectomy" resulted in me taking the "Observe and monitor" option for Gloria's health. It's been two weeks now, and she is as lively, happy, hungry and fat as ever, and the lumps are about the same. I am assuming that if I'd spent the $500 dollars or so on the surgury, we would have found either a. she's got benign lumps, or b. She's got something I can't afford to treat, so this is the option I chose. I would have liked to follow up on her treatment with the utmost care, but as boyfriend reminds me, I could buy about 20 guinea pigs for $500.00. None of them would be my Glo though. So, we keep monitoring, and giving her treats and love.