Thursday, March 15, 2007

Inspiration at the MOMA

We went to the SF MOMA yesterday and renewed our membership. We checked out the Picasso and American Art - Modern American artist's reactions to Picasso's first exhibitions in the US, very interesting and engaging for me, a student of Modern Art, but LH who was with me said it was over his head and he didn't get much out of it, though he admits there is something about a Picasso in person that is just, well, something more. I love Picasso's work, and was really interested in the effect he has had on just about EVERYTHING that has come after him.

We then headed over to the SECA award winners, to see what the young contemporary artists were doing, maybe Picasso has had an influence on them...ha ha. Actually aside from complete lack of technique, there wasn't alot of Picasso influence. We agreed with the exception of Leslie Shows, whom we liked, there was only one or two in the show that we thought would be "meritous" in a graphic design final project, but agreed that the work in that group was just not impressive.

Then we stumbled into the Henry Wessel photography exhibit, which was a happy suprize. I loved viewing this show, almost every image warmed my brain, with recognition. His small bungalow photos, wide expanses of parking lots, scenes from S. California, (where I grew up), Las Vegas, and N. Cal, well, and road trips elsewhere, it's just the landscape of my memory and a lot of this scenery is what I draw on as story imagery in my own work. Too bad the book of the exhibit didn'thave the same effect of the work on the walls in front of you. Very worth checking out althogh it's hidden sort of.

Glad to have another year membership at MOMA.

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