Monday, May 07, 2007

100 in 100 Painting #5 - SOLD!

Ok so this one is on a canvas, rather than on a wood block. And, I cheated and didn't quite do it this week. But - it is 8"x8", original art and for sale for $100.00

This challenge I've given myself has already defeated me. I guess my life is a little too intrusive to do a painting a day. So, I am changing the rules a little. I can have weekends off. If I want. And, if some nasty little life thing comes up, like my mom going to the hospital (true story no lie) this weekend, well, I don't have to paint.

That said, I am committed to completing 100 of these suckas, and if there are a few blips so be it. I intend to make up for Sat and Sunday's paintings with a Kentucky Derby themed pic - I just love that a one-eyed horse ran the race, and another.

Ok so here's another confession. I'm taking another couple days break while I take care of some serious buisness outta town. I'm not beating myself up, cause I now have three (3) count em day jobs, and am working on painting commissions, and have two shows up and a neighbourhood trunk show in NOPA _ Pan handle district on Saturday for pre Mom's day shopping.

So I refuse to make myself feel guilty that I'm not posting a painting a day right now. Most likely catch up paintings and daily ones will resume next week. Thanks for caring.

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