Wednesday, May 30, 2007

100 paintings revisited - painting #6

Hi all. Sorry I let you down. I am a Slug you know. It was too much for me to start two new "day jobs" in May AND do a painting a day for 100 days.

Now that the dust has settled, I still want to be your paint slave. So how's this idea. I keep drawing, I keep painting. I post a painting almost every day. There will still be 100 total, they will still be offered to you the public for $100.00 each - some may be on wood, some on canvas, some on paper - hey supplies aint cheap I gotta scrounge sometimes.

On days when I'm too pooped to paint, I will still post. I can post a scketch from my daily lunch sketches, so you can see the ideas as they form, maybe see the evolution of one of your favorites.

Hey by the way, they are for sale, please contact me by phone or email to buy - two of them are SOLD already, the earthworm one and the Vespa Bunny Babe. I can be reached by finding my contact info on FISHCHILD.COM

Today's painting is already for sale at CITY ART Co-op Gallery in the Mission (828 Valencia ST.) and the opening is at 7-10pm this Friday night, June 1!! Come on down and buy it. It's slightly more than 100 because of costs of showing it through the gallery, but essentilly, I'll only get 100 for it. (It's still a bargain).

Enough about money, just enjoy the daily posts, as I hope I will.


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