Friday, June 13, 2008

Slugging around, but, Now on Flickr

Hello, strange blog, I've been absent for a while, being a white slug. Lounging in the LA summer sun, getting tan, eating too much fast food, and trying to "get it together".  

My "break" from work has turned into something of an adventure away from the normal world - and into a different kind of work. To be less vauge, my mom died and I get to be doing non work for pay stuff for this first whole half year. So far, I've not been so successful at "getting it together".

I did do a show of new paintings in May at City Art. My "Sad Animals" were a grief exploration, none of the originals sold, I guess no one likes watching cute animals sob.   
I also did an event in Marin, the "Babes and Babies" Event put on by Appell and Frank. The turn out wasn't so good, maybe everyone was at the Maker faire that day. 

I've re-bonded with my child hood mother substitute, the television. Though now we have DVD to rent thank god, cause I've found nothing but a wasteland on network TV. Thank god also for UHF channels here in LA, where one can watch "I love Lucy" all day and "Get Smart" all night. 

My new TV favorites are: "The Wire" O how I love the  Wire!   "The Office", could watch the Office all day, and when I'm really sad and depressed, I do, The Bernie Mac show sometimes makes me laugh.
Gearing up to "hit the ground running, I've been prepping a new studio in LA at my family's homestead, and maintaining the SF Studio. 

So tonight I updated my Flickr site to include a wider portfolio, including 60 of my archive portfolio images, examples of my art print products and later will include fun pictures I just plain snap for image research. Fun! Also a way to do something with all this detrius that comes out of my camera. 

Also going to update my Etsy shop, that was abandoned long ago. I've got a new high end printer to do some really great limited edition prints and can sell those cheaply on Etsy and elseware, possibly Ebay

Kat and I went to Silverlake district yesterday and I'm hoping to find some artsy vendors for my cards, prints and paintings down here too. Not to say hanging out by the kiddie pool and the beach won't be good grist for the painting mill later this summer, when the oils actually come out of hiding. 

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